In Scouting, partnership is a fundamental principle that is present at local, national and international levels; with the aim of striving “for a better world through justice, solidarity and peace” (Robert Baden-Powell, 1919 – Aids to Scoutmastership). Scouting partnerships
are based on a willingness to work together equally for the mutual benefi t of all involved and to achieve common goals. Partnerships in Scouting contribute to the development of young people to take active roles as citizens within their communities and to work towards the creation of a better world.

The pictures below are the pictures that were shoot in Europe as we took part in UNGUVU 3 

As we had to look at the Visionary Ski

UNGUVU will guide you through the life-cycle 
of Africa-Europe partnerships in Scouting, exploring the different steps of initiating, planning, managing, executing and evaluating a partnership.


Partnership is a means  to discover, understand and respect others, their cultures, lifestyles and Scouting practices”
A partnership agreement is the official finalizing moment of the initiation process. At this point the partners have defined the common objectives and created a general outline of the actions that they want to undertake. It is now important to form an agreement.

During The Day as we got ready to go for the evening gig 


During the Gig With the awesome Hannes
From Left, Emmanuel – France, Ozimen – Senegal, Hannes – Germany, Thanduxolo – Zimbabwe,
 Emilia – Finland, Monika – Poland

This was the Group that was in Europe for the UNGUVU 3 and there were always carrying smiles on there faces.
Partnerships between Africa and Europe allow us to share ideas and cultures and to work together to tackle problems and enrich Scouting in our own countries.”


It was a no laughing matter in Europe and it did not matter that you are Black or White…
Africa-Europe Scouting
partnerships occur in many
different forms, ranging from
small scale youth exchanges, to
capacity building partnerships
between NSOs/NSAs. They may
also range from short-term
projects, to long-term relationships
and from bilateral to multilateral

This team was so cool and good ( the fine six )
From right Monika – Poland, Ozimen – Senegal , Naima – Tanzania, Emmanuel – France,   Thanduxolo – Zimbabwe , Clara – Germany
Scouting in Africa and Europe
has a long history of cooperation,
and partnerships have
been a consistent feature of this


This team was just super great and i loved all of them
we had a great time with the Secretary of the Founder of the UN in the US.
the one in the middle with a Navy blue Jacket.
Within Scouting, partnership
can be defined as:
“The establishment of a
voluntary and collaborative relationship
to achieve mutual goals and
experiences between two or more

This time was so sweet and working hard with my team, this was beautiful.
Therefore, partnerships can be
defined as relationships between
two or more Associations or
Organisations and/or local groups,
who wish to work together to
achieve common goals through the

sharing of knowledge, skills, and