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The life of a Brand Ambassador with SharksNova and knowing who can be a Brand Ambassador #WeServeWithaSmile


In a blazer SharksNova at the Mat North Econet Brand Ambassador Awards 2018 in Hwange with other Econet Brand Ambassadors. #WeAreHereToServe

Know what a Brand Ambassador is with SharksNova…                                                                                    

A brand ambassador (sometimes also called a corporate ambassador) is a person who is hired by an organisation or company to represent a brand in a positive light and by doing so help to increase brand awareness and sales. The brand ambassador is meant to embody the corporate identity in appearance, values and ethics. The key element of brand ambassadors is their ability to use promotional strategies that will strengthen the customer-product-service relationship and influence a large audience to buy and consume more. A brand ambassador is known as a positive spokesperson, an opinion leader or a community influencer, appointed as an internal or external agent to boost product or service sales and create brand awareness.


SharksNova at the Econet Dinner in Victoria Falls at Zambezi House, Victoria Falls

Qualities of a great Brand Ambassador with SharksNova…
A High Level of Professionalism of a Brand Ambassador
While Brand Ambassadors won’t be fully employed by a certain company, these people will be representing the company brand. They’ll be talking about the company, encouraging other people to check out the company products and services, and influencing how other people perceive the company business. If someone embarrasses themselves or the company brand, you’d never hire them, right? The same standards should be applied to the company brand ambassadors, so that there shinning out there.
Knowledge of (and Appreciation for) Marketing.                                                                          This isn’t to say that ambassadors and advocates need a marketing degree, but they should have a basic understanding of marketing’s core principles which can be done over inductions before they get into the field. Specifically, the best ambassadors appreciate the importance of authenticity in modern marketing, and grasp the role that digital marketing and social media play in driving high-quality referrals.
Natural Leadership Skills.     
Think about the people you look to for recommendations. Sure, they’re knowledgeable experts in a particular space, but you probably seek out their opinions because they also exude confidence and positivity — traits that draw you in and make you want to listen. These are the same types of people you want representing your brand in the marketplace.
A Passion for Building and Growing Relationships.
Ambassadors are not salespeople heading out to make as many one-time sales as possible. They exist to foster strong, loyal relationships between your customers and your brand. Your ambassadors should not only be passionate about — and intimately familiar with — your products or services, they should also be skilled at making deep connections with others on your behalf.

Types of Models with SharksNova


Here I will describe the many different types of models you will find in the modelling industry. Some models only fit into one category, while another model may fit into multiple. With that in mind, here are the types of modelling categories at a glance:

FASHION MODEL: This category is the most exclusive and most difficult of all categories for a model to get into, much less succeed in. As a whole, a fashion model MUST be tall, young, and thin. In addition, there are fashion model “size requirements”, and hardly any exceptions made in terms of that. While there is no universally-agreed upon, OFFICIAL “fashion-industry size-standard.


EDITORIAL FASHION MODEL: These models are the ones you find in the editorial spreads of pages like Drum, People, GQ, etc…… You MUST fit the modelling requirements for a “Fashion Model on ( Height, Weight ) in order to be considered for the category. Almost all editorial fashion agencies are in the capital city of Zimbabwe where there Headquaters for most of the clothing shops like Jet Stores, Edgars and many more  
FASHION CATALOG MODEL: Slightly less restrictive than fashion modelling in terms of requirements, but catalogue modelling still has rigid standards nonetheless, and is also difficult to get into. Catalogue models are the ones you see in the clothing catalogues, posing in a variety of outfits. 
RUNWAY MODEL: Models that walk the catwalk or runway; or a “live model.” Runway models are hired to use their bodies as a mechanism to display the fashion garments of a specific clothing designer. They MUST be tall, slender, have measurements that fit the standard clothing size, and know how to walk the runway.

COMMERCIAL MODEL: Most agency models work in this category. Commercial models work MANY different jobs, including: print advertisements, catalogues, campaigns, television shows, magazines, trade shows, and much more. There are no height or size requirements to be a commercial model. So even if you are DYING to be a fashion model, but simply do not fit the size requirements for mainstream “fashion modelling”, you can still find work and book great jobs as a “COMMERCIAL fashion model”, doing fashion print and things of that nature. This category of modelling accommodates MANY types of looks: from the girl-next-door, to middle-aged men, to those with very “unique/interesting” faces.


PRINT MODEL: Print models are used for many different types of publications, such as: magazines, print advertisements, billboards, posters, calendars, campaigns, booklets, flyers, banners. Print models must have an attractive face, good skin, a nice body, and a pretty smile. Print models can find modelling work in one of two ways: through a modelling agency, or by freelance modelling.
GLAMOUR MODEL: Glamour modelling focuses much more on the model’s appeal, beauty, and body than it does anything else. Models in this category are considered very pretty; able to book work simply by being attractive, a nice body, and having a sort of “sex appeal”. While there are no height or size requirements, glamour models DO have to be at least 18 years old.
· Glamour models are typically hired to appear in swimsuit, bikini, lingerie, and form-fitting attire. Often times they will find work in magazines, music videos, calendars, etc….. They can find work as a freelance model, and they can also find other work through modelling agencies as a print model, commercial model, or promo model.
PROMOTIONAL MODEL: A promotional model, also known as a promo model, is a model that is hired to represent a brand, product, or service. This category of modelling does not have a height or weight requirement; thus making it much easier to get into promo modelling than it is to get into many other types of modelling. While there are no height/weight requirements, there are other general requirements for booking paid promo work: a great attitude, outgoing nature, a nice smile, and the ability to easily adapt/learn.

· SPOKESMODEL: A spokes-model is a more lucrative form of promo modelling. These models tend to have signed contracts with a specific company; acting as the face of the brand, being paid to attend events and make special appearances, appearing in advertisements, and travelling the country.


· TRADE SHOW MODEL, OR CONVENTION MODEL: Trade-show or convention modelling is another form of promo modelling. These models are hired by a company to represent their brand, product, or service specifically at a trade show or convention. There are no height/size requirements, but these models need to be outgoing, reliable, work well with others, and take direction well. They also will be expected to work long hours, readily engage with other people, to quickly learn/accurately relay the company’s mission (or products or talking points) to consumers.
CATALOG MODEL: A catalogue model has the same job description as a “fashion catalogue model”, yet none of the same size requirements. General catalogue models are needed in all shapes and sizes. There are tons of clothing designers in the world offering a variety of options, many of which cater to petite, plus-size, or alternative buyers. These designers need models of the same variety to pose for their catalogues. Almost any category of model can be used as a (general) “catalogue model.”
PETITE MODEL: These are models that are on the shorter side- typically. While they will not be able to find work as a fashion model, petite models can still find work in other categories, such as a print, commercial, glamour, or promotional modelling. Petite models can be sought after for their small hands/feet for print work as well.
FREELANCE MODEL: A freelance model is one that is self-represented: they are not signed exclusively to any one modelling agency, they do not have an agent or a manager, and they are responsible for finding their own work. In addition, they are responsible for their own marketing, promoting, networking, and branding. This might all sound overwhelming, but in this day and age, freelance models have many avenues to get a career started. The internet is their main weapon/source; if properly harnessed, freelance models can still make a name for themselves without an agency.
FITNESS MODEL: Fitness models are toned, in-shape, healthy, and have good muscle tone. There are no size/height requirements, but you MUST be in shape! There are modelling agencies with “fitness modelling” departments. Fitness models seeking representation should focus on these first, but fitness models can also be self-represented.

PARTS MODEL: These models typically model their “parts”, such as their hands, legs, feet, stomach, etc……….. There are modelling agencies that represent parts models, and the best way to get started in this modelling category is by finding an agent rather than attempting to freelance.


PLUS-SIZE MODEL: These models, also known as “Full figured models”, are models that do not fit the size requirements for mainstream modelling. They weigh more, have fuller figures, and have pretty faces. They can be hired as catalogue models for plus-sized clothing brands, among many other job opportunities. Plus-sized models are able to achieve representation with modelling agencies that have a “Plus-Size” division.

ART MODEL:  Art models work with visual artists. The model is the subject of the intended art piece, usually being required to pose while the artist interprets and creates a piece of art. They are able to use the model as a real-life visual aid. There are many mediums an art model can be asked to participate in. Some of the more common include paintings, illustrations, sculpture, and photography.


ALT MODEL, or ALTERNATIVE MODEL: This genre of modelling does not conform to “typical” modelling standards. The models used in this genre are not the mainstream, cookie-cutter models. Many of them have tattoos, piercings, unusual hairstyles, enc……. They can work in this industry with the help of internet websites, networking, and niche magazines.
SOCIAL INFLUENCER: Being 2018 and with social media rapidly taking over the world (modelling world included), we have added a new category to the various types of modelling.
I hope you have garnered some valuable insight as to the Types of Modelling in the modelling industry! As you can see, there are many types of modelling genres. Please leave me a comment with any further questions concerning the various types of modelling and genres in modelling!



The time when we have it covered in the press.

Thanduxolo Nesbert Ndlovu aka SharksNova for Breeze FM Victoria Falls International have recently became the Producer and Director of the Inaugural Zambia Men Fashion Week 2018 

For more information kindly click the below:

Let Good Times Roll… with SharksNova & Family

Let Good Times Roll… with Dave (ExecChef), Khanya (KanyeWest), Raphy KingDavid (Kim’sBodyGuard), Farie (Kim-K), Cassandra (DjZinhle), JVan (Avicci), Pedzi (skhokho), Tarie (O.C), Khuli (CasperNyovest) and Bonani (DjTira)

Last night it was one kind of a night as we saw Thanduxolo Nesbert Ndlovu in tears after having a surprise party of his life time and check out how the night went out.
After a massive Birthday lie from Farai Hove Chitsva who is a close sister in Thanduxolo’s life and
drove Thanduxolo off to some cool beautiful lodge whereby the family had booked the whole lodge…

If there are dreams about a beautiful family, there are also roads that lead to their goal. Two of these roads could be named Goodness and Forgiveness.
Silwane Lodge in Victoria Falls International was the venue where the Birthday was help last night and always remember that every night is complimented with good food and beautiful lighting.
I cannot say for certain if there is such a thing as love, Our daily deeds as ordinary family like any other we must produce an actual family that will reinforce humanity’s belief in justice, strengthen its confidence in the nobility of the human soul, and sustain all our hopes for a glorious life for us all. 


Just being used to the big cakes is a story to tell one one day, this was a huge surprise only to find these beautiful lovely cakes with love and comfort.


Royal Blood meets Royal Blood, big thanks to Kay Jay who is a cousin to the Birthday Boy and Exce Chef for coming through with Miss Tourism Zimbabwe 2017.


Thanduxolo N Ndlovu aka SharksNova and his cousin Khanya Jubane aka Kay Jay as they share the spotlight on the big day…


I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free family in which all members live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die. Thanduxolo says that he is way so happy and glad to have this family and he will do anything to have this family by his side…


When someone talks of a great picture he will be talking about such a picture that have art in it, i mean the picture that talks to you, telling you a lot that will make you see the things that can’t be said, from left ” Miss Tourism Zimbabwe 2017 Ashely Morgen, The King of Swag who needs no introductions that’s Kay Jay the family’s own Kanye West, family’s own Executive Private Chef the man himself Dave, and they say that always the last to appear are the Royal Blood, in a floral jacket is the Queen of Real Falls Swag our own Kim Kay “Farai Hove Chitsva.


The 18th of August in the year 1991 a legend was born at Redcliff Medical Center

Old back in the days on the 18th of August in the year 1991 a legend was born at Redcliff Medical Center in the heart of Zimbabwe which is the Midlands Province, near the town of Kwekwe.
Thanduxolo Nesbert Ndlovu was brought on this planet by God through her special Daughter Sphiwe Maria Moyo who was Married to Alton Ndlovu and he was raised by Theresa Moyo what a loving woman she was may the souls of the Three Rest in Peace.

A sweet message from a special person in my life it goes, ” I never really thought that i would meet someone like you. All of your days should be blessed as special as your Birthday. May every soul you touch bring comfort and peace. May every friend you hug bring you joy and solace. On your special day, my wish for you is to have everything that your heart desires because you are worthy it”Happy Birthday Thanduxolo…


The road to your dreams isn’t always easy to navigate, sometimes dotted with mountains to climb, obstacles to overcome—and hard, mind-numbing times that will make you feel like quitting. Just remember this if you get lost along the way: Anything worth having doesn’t come easy. So don’t turn back around. Don’t give up.


May good and inspiring thoughts come to you every time you need them the most and may all bad and depressing ones go away and never turn up anymore! Think positively 
i love you my Family you mean the world to me….


Loving yourself is the best as far you can ever want to know because there is no one who can love you the way you want to be loved. We are Family and we are cool like that, Remember you can never set dreams but the only thing you can set are goals buddy…


A good mood is the key to success. That’s why we stay cheerful no matter what happens in our life time and we keep going.


Only going to Zambezi House at some outdoor feel good family time, showed a lot among the family on a Bonfire as we had to chat as a family. 
There was nothing new under the sun and by so sometimes as a human being you just have to accept defeat and carry on with your life for i know that life is a journey and none of us are spared. you can run away from a lot of things but not death so enjoy responsibly.

SharksNova does it again, but this time in Europe.


                                                     UNGUVU 3 

In Scouting, partnership is a fundamental principle that is present at local, national and international levels; with the aim of striving “for a better world through justice, solidarity and peace” (Robert Baden-Powell, 1919 – Aids to Scoutmastership). Scouting partnerships
are based on a willingness to work together equally for the mutual benefi t of all involved and to achieve common goals. Partnerships in Scouting contribute to the development of young people to take active roles as citizens within their communities and to work towards the creation of a better world.

The pictures below are the pictures that were shoot in Europe as we took part in UNGUVU 3 

As we had to look at the Visionary Ski

UNGUVU will guide you through the life-cycle 
of Africa-Europe partnerships in Scouting, exploring the different steps of initiating, planning, managing, executing and evaluating a partnership.


Partnership is a means  to discover, understand and respect others, their cultures, lifestyles and Scouting practices”
A partnership agreement is the official finalizing moment of the initiation process. At this point the partners have defined the common objectives and created a general outline of the actions that they want to undertake. It is now important to form an agreement.

During The Day as we got ready to go for the evening gig 


During the Gig With the awesome Hannes
From Left, Emmanuel – France, Ozimen – Senegal, Hannes – Germany, Thanduxolo – Zimbabwe,
 Emilia – Finland, Monika – Poland

This was the Group that was in Europe for the UNGUVU 3 and there were always carrying smiles on there faces.
Partnerships between Africa and Europe allow us to share ideas and cultures and to work together to tackle problems and enrich Scouting in our own countries.”


It was a no laughing matter in Europe and it did not matter that you are Black or White…
Africa-Europe Scouting
partnerships occur in many
different forms, ranging from
small scale youth exchanges, to
capacity building partnerships
between NSOs/NSAs. They may
also range from short-term
projects, to long-term relationships
and from bilateral to multilateral

This team was so cool and good ( the fine six )
From right Monika – Poland, Ozimen – Senegal , Naima – Tanzania, Emmanuel – France,   Thanduxolo – Zimbabwe , Clara – Germany
Scouting in Africa and Europe
has a long history of cooperation,
and partnerships have
been a consistent feature of this


This team was just super great and i loved all of them
we had a great time with the Secretary of the Founder of the UN in the US.
the one in the middle with a Navy blue Jacket.
Within Scouting, partnership
can be defined as:
“The establishment of a
voluntary and collaborative relationship
to achieve mutual goals and
experiences between two or more

This time was so sweet and working hard with my team, this was beautiful.
Therefore, partnerships can be
defined as relationships between
two or more Associations or
Organisations and/or local groups,
who wish to work together to
achieve common goals through the

sharing of knowledge, skills, and

Respect an African Woman

                                    Respect an African Woman 

For sure it is way so true that Africa has the most beautiful women both old and young. Remember that beauty was never the looks of the woman but the beauty of a real woman is in the Heart.

When we talk about Beauty, we are referring to both the inside traits and the outlook and an African has it all

A Real African Woman

African women always stand out among other women globally and there very intelligent with very strong and good characters 

When it comes to their Religion they don’t want to be disturbed due to that they want there full time with God all the time
Mama Theresa 


In Africa women believe in Families coming together regardless of financial issues and when there Family fun days and Family Fun Parks they take their children there till late but with so much of responsibility on what they are having.

The Royal Queen 
African beads always make a African woman a special human on earth, She is a Royal Queen with so beautiful eyes that match with the Royal Bracelets that she is wearing. 
Dipped in chocolate, Bronzed in Elegance, Toasted with beauty, ohhhh my God these ladies are beautiful.
By SharksNova



Question& Answer with SharksNova



   Question& Answer
          with Tholakele D Ndlovu Mama Theresa Creations                                                         15-08-2015
                  – Name your favorite Holiday Destination?
                                                  France, Paris 
   – What has been your best and worst Holiday experience and why?
      My best was in France and so far i have been to the places that i love so maybe that’s why i haven’t seen their errors (laughing) 
   – Have you taken anything out of a Hotel that does not belong to you and why?
Uhmmmmm yeah i have did not once due to that i can’t leave something     that i have used mostly alone and i have the gut to do so due to that i would have paid for it.
   – Have you ever had a Romantic Holiday?
   – Any reason to that?
      I haven’t found the right one my dear.
    What are some of your favorite things you have ever bought in your travelling?
      My Givenchy watch from Paris, Little Gold Eiffel Towers for my Mum.  
        – Is there any destination that you will never get tired of visiting?
    Do you prefer a Five Star Hotel or a self-catering?
      Self-Catering sweetheart, cause i don’t want to miss out fun due to sickness hey…. kkkkkk
    – What is the first thing you notice about a woman?
      Uhmmm this is the most difficult question, but i look at nails…
        It doesn’t require much to look good, this is what i want 


    –What is the most reckless thing you have done with money?
      Buying a 180 dollar cologne which happened to be fake lol
     –Any people you model on and why?
      Masego “Maps” Maponyane 
      I model after him due to his hard work and Fashion OMG he is always on point…


That’s Masego know as Maps Maponyane 


     – Do you have any Regrets?
     Ohhhhh i do have that one sweetheart and it was whereby i left my well paying job for another job without signing a contract of the company i was going too and i wont go into Detail and i was broke  kkkkk… 
         – If not a Radio and Television personality what would you be doing?
     Cooking, I love preparing good food cause i love good, good food.
         – The best advice you have ever received and who was it from?
      Son know and fear God because he is a live God and it was for my raising mum Theresa Moyo may her Soul Rest in Peace.